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Thai Massage in Saskatoon

Sirius Health invites you to unwind with our unique and authentic Thai massage in Saskatoon at our modern-day spa in the River Landing district. We offer the finest therapeutic Thai massage treatments at very reasonable prices. Experience the best massage in Saskatoon.

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Accredited Clinic Since 2018

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

July 2024

Sonja J

It was such a wonderful experience! My first Thai massage with Grant was incredible. He expertly applied pressure, stretched my muscles, and relieved tension. The experience was both relaxing and invigorating, leaving me feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Grant’s skilled techniques and calming presence made it an unforgettable session. I can’t wait to go back!

July 2024

Pilar S

This is the first Thai massage I have had where I was not in excruciating pain during stretching, yet Grant was able to stretch my limbs further than ive ever been able to. Woke up the next morning pain free which hasn’t happened for years.

June 2024

Bill D

First time for Thai Massage. Great massage and experience. Very professional.

May 2024

Marie B

You just have to go once and you’ll be hooked! Amazing!

May 2024

Dan C

It was my first experience with a Thai massage. I felt so much better when we were finished. Very different than a traditional massage but I feel it targeted and relieved my troubled areas faster without the after effects of a deep tissue massage. I will definitely be back to see Florence in a few weeks and make this a regular part of my healing.

May 2024

Aislinn S

Amazing experience as always! Best Thai massage.

May 2024

Catherine G

Grant made me feel very comfortable in the space which was also a bonus for the first time meeting him. This is a therapy I wish I had discovered far earlier in my life. I truly appreciate the experience and this wonderful technique that he is so knowledgable in.

May 2024

Joseph K

Sirius Health Thai Massage Clinic is a very clean, beautiful, warm, and peaceful place.

April 2024

Leah F

I loved the whole experience. It was very relaxing. I had never had a Thia massage before and will definitely be having more in the future.

April 2024

Leon F

It was incredible!! I walked in aching agony and left feeling like I was pain-free. This is no small feat, considering I have had chronic pain due to arthritis and sports injuries for many years and have tried pretty much everything. I honestly couldn’t believe it. If you have a similar scenario, it’s a must-do.

Experience the best massage in Saskatoon at Sirius Health

A Taste of Thailand In Saskatoon

Our premise offers a relaxing ambience to provide our clients with the best service to relieve them of the stresses in their lives. Our therapists are professionally trained and certified in traditional Thai massage by the Thai Healing Alliance International and registered with the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada.


Improper behaviour or requests of a sexual nature will be grounds to end the session.

In addition to our paramount day spa service, we provide extra time before and after your Thai massage therapy to indulge in a relaxing foot wash and converse with your Thai massage therapist while enjoying a warm cup of lemongrass tea. These added moments offer exclusive health advantages tailored to our exceptional treatments.

Sirius Health is located in the southwest building of The Banks condo development across from the Saskatoon Farmer’s Market.

Our Thai Massage Treatments

Traditional Thai

Tok Sen

Herbal Compress

Thai Oil

Thai Cupping

Foot Reflexology

Head and Shoulders

Thai Yoga

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Our Mission

Promote health and peace through 
excellence in education, 
compassion in action
and honouring the connection to Thailand 
and the lineage of Thai bodywork.

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Hi, My Name is Grant Martens

I am the owner and founder of Sirius Health

Grant Martens, RTT, owner of Sirius Health Thai Massage Clinic and School.

During my family’s travels through Europe, we stopped at the Gellert Bath and Spa in Budapest, Hungary, where I first encountered a traditional Thai massage. This transformative experience inspired me to make significant changes in my life, including quitting my job in IT, selling my farm, and journeying to Thailand to study Thai massage. The result of this journey was the establishment of a Thai massage clinic and school.

As a proud Thai Healing Alliance International (THAI) member, I am privileged to be one of only twelve registered instructors in Canada and one of twenty-eight advanced registered Thai therapists. My certifications and registrations by the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada (NHPC) as a practitioner of Thai Massage further validate my expertise, ensuring that I can provide the highest quality services to my clients.

With over 800 hours of training garnered from top-tier institutions in Chiang Mai, Thailand, my journey began in 2018 when I made my way to the renowned Thai Massage School of Thailand (TMC). Alongside my studies there, I also received specialized training from Mr. Nat at the esteemed Supattra Blind Massage Clinic.

In 2021, I reaffirmed my commitment to continuous learning by revisiting Chiang Mai to participate in the Certified Advanced Practitioner and Teacher Training Program offered by the International Training Massage School (ITM). This program and the various courses I attended at Ong’s Thai Massage School during the same visit enriched my knowledge and honed my skills, ensuring that I stay at the forefront of the evolving field of Thai massage.

In June 2018, I established Sirius Health Thai Massage Clinic at The Banks, a contemporary condo and townhouse complex in Saskatoon’s River Landing district. A year and a half later, in December 2019, I inaugurated Sirius Health Thai Massage School in a neighbouring space of the same building complex, opposite my clinic. I also created a digital directory of global spas, clinics, and schools that provide Thai massage services. Additionally, I remain occupied each week by authoring blog posts regarding Thai massage and contributing to my extensive online knowledge base, which comprises a resource for my eighteen distinct Thai massage courses.

With great honour and privilege, I represent the traditional Thai healthcare tradition, officially recognized by UNESCO in 2019 as a vital part of Thailand’s art, science, and culture. In all of my endeavours, my mission is to promote health and peace through a commitment to excellence in education, compassionate action, and a deep respect for the connection between Thailand and the lineage of Thai bodywork. Sirius Health is committed to providing the best massage in Saskatoon.

Grant Martens

I would love to hear from you.

Whether you’re curious about treatments or have ideas on how else we can provide the best massage in Saskatoon, we’re ready to answer all questions.

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