3-Step Guide to Incredible Thai Massage Add-ons

Discover the benefits of Thai massage add-ons, the perfect way to offer clients new exciting options for enhanced relaxation and wellness.

Have you ever heard of a Thai massage add-on? If you’re a fan of Thai massages, consider taking advantage of the opportunity to enhance your relaxation and wellness experience with these additional services. In this ultimate guide, we will dive into what exactly a Thai massage add-on is, the most popular options available, how to decide which ones are right for you, the benefits they can provide, and tips for integrating them into your wellness routine. Let’s explore the world of massage add-ons together!

What Exactly Is a Thai Massage Add-On?

Tok Sen is a traditional Lanna Thai massage add-on

A Thai massage add-on is any service added to a standard Thai massage to enhance your experience or provide additional therapeutic benefits. An add-on is not a separate treatment. A practitioner incorporates an add-on into a standard treatment, allowing for a tailored experience that addresses specific areas of concern, enhances relaxation, or targets pain relief more effectively.

The primary goal of integrating an add-on is to elevate the therapeutic benefits of Thai massage, making it a more customized and holistic approach to health and wellness. In some cases, like with Tok Sen or cupping, the add-ons allow the massage practitioner to work more efficiently because the tools therapists use for these services reduce the wear and tear on their bodies. In other cases, like Thai oil, the add-on allows the practitioner to work the sen lines using different techniques.

If you are a returning client and book an add-on that takes time away from what we think you need, we will explain what we believe your body needs and ask if you want us to proceed. Ultimately, our concern is to help you on your path to wellness.

What Are The Various Thai Massage Add-Ons

Our add-ons are traditional modalities of Northern Thai massage. Your choices include:

Tok Sen

Thai Tok Sen massage uses a wooden mallet and wedge to work the sen lines.

Herbal Compress

Thai Herbal Compress massage uses a steamed herbal ball during the massage.


Thai Oil massage uses aromatic oils to assist with acupressure and gentle stretches.


Cupping is a technique where the practitioner creates suction on oiled skin.

Foot Reflexology

Thai Foot Reflexology treats the foot’s sen lines and acupressure points.

Head Massage

Thai Head massage treats the face, head, neck, and shoulder area.

Exploring these popular add-ons can significantly amplify the benefits of your standard Thai massage, catering to both physical and emotional wellness needs.

How to Decide Which Add-Ons Are Right for You

Selecting the proper Thai massage add-ons involves considering your health and wellness goals. Reflect on areas of your body that need special care or particular health issues you aim to address. Are you seeking more profound relaxation, or are you seeking relief from specific aches and pains? Your answers to these questions can guide your choices.

It is important to note that you do not need to select an add-on. During a standard Thai massage, the practitioner will choose what they think is the best treatment for you based on your intake form or from your past visits. When you purchase an add-on, we adjust the appointment to do more of what you requested.

Our primary intent, however, is to do what is best for you. If you do not book an add-on but think you need more time for your feet, we will add foot reflexology to your treatment. If your hips are terrible and we need Tok Sen to work them correctly, we will add it to the treatment.

Herbal Compress is a very popular Thai massage add-on

If you are a new client, we recommend you not book any add-ons, especially if you have never had a Thai massage before. During your first visit, we focus on moving around your body and getting a litmus test of your range of motion and pain points. This assessment helps us develop a foundation for future treatments, which may or may not include add-ons.

If you have had Thai massage before, it’s still beneficial to discuss add-ons with your Thai massage practitioner, who can offer insights based on their professional experience and knowledge of your health history. For instance, if chronic tension is an issue, Herbal Compress might be recommended, while Thai Oil could be the go-to for those looking to achieve mental tranquillity. Remember, the effectiveness of Thai massage therapy increases when tailored to your unique needs, so choosing add-ons is a crucial step in enhancing your wellness journey.

Thai Massage Add-On FAQs

Taking charge of your health and wellness is a journey, not a one-time decision. Here are the most frequent questions people have regarding our Thai massage add-ons.

Does an add-on add time to the Thai massage?

A Thai massage add-on does not add any time to a Thai massage. Your treatment will remain the same duration you booked, but the Thai massage practitioner will modify the session to include more of whatever service you add to your booking.

Can I add more than one add-on to a treatment?

You may add as many add-ons as you wish, but remember that there is only so much a practitioner can do in a specific time frame. If you book a 60-minute massage, limit yourself to one or two add-ons. If you book a 180-minute massage, then feel free to add whatever you want.

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