7 Reasons Why Stretching Is Important

7 Reasons Why Stretching Is Important

There are many reasons why stretching is important, and the benefits are not just physical; they’re tangible.

One of the most unique features of Thai Massage is the stretching. Stretching works in conjunction with acupressure to help re-establish a full or normal range of motion by relaxing muscles and getting them to release tightness and tension.

But stretching is a universal practice, not limited to Thai massage. Nor is it restricted to athletes or fitness professionals. Stretching is a beneficial habit for everyone, regardless of their physical activity level. If you have a body, you should be stretching.

Many people plan to stretch after or before a workout, but stretching is often the first thing people sacrifice if time is an issue. However, the benefits of stretching are not just physical; they’re tangible. Here are seven benefits of a regular stretching routine that can significantly improve your well-being.

Why Stretching Is Important

1. Decreases Muscles Stiffness and Increases ROM

First, stretching is important because it decreases muscle stiffness and increases range of motion (ROM). Moving around without pain is a significant factor in quality of life. Stretching increases your range of motion, slowing down the degeneration of your joints. It boosts blood flow through your tissues and helps deliver nutrients to your muscles.

2. Reduces the Risk of Injury

The second benefit of stretching is that it reduces the risk of injury. But here’s the key: flexible muscles are less likely to become injured from extensive movement. Increasing your ROM in a particular joint will reduce your muscles’ resistance during various activities. The power is in your hands, or rather, in your stretching technique!

3. Improves Your Posture

The third reason why stretching is important is that it’s a posture saviour. Despite the importance of good posture, most of us don’t do anything to improve it. We live our lives with hunched backs and imbalanced hips, dealing with pain because we think it’s normal. But living in a bad posture can be dangerous. Muscles and ligament imbalances from poor alignment can lead to all sorts of problems. Stretching will help keep your back in better alignment and improve your posture, making you stand tall and confident.

4. Enhances Muscular Relaxation

Stretching also reduces your muscular tension and enhances your muscular relaxation. Stress can reduce blood flow, leading to shoulder and neck muscle knots. Tense muscles tend to cut off their circulation, which results in a lack of oxygen and essential nutrients. Stretching increases blood flow to your muscles and improves circulation, allowing your muscles to relax and improving heart health and cardiovascular function. Stretching can also promote new blood circulation to your brain, resulting in mood elevation that allows stress to leave your body.

5. Improves Your Functional Performance

Another factor why stretching is important is improving your mechanical efficiency and overall functional performance. A flexible joint requires less energy to move through a broader range of motion, so a flexible body improves overall performance by creating more energy-efficient movements. But again, to achieve this, you must follow the proper stretching routine; otherwise, you will most likely see no positive effect. Overstretching can even decrease your athletic performance.

6. Prepares Your Body For the Stress of Exercise

When done correctly, stretching prepares your body for the stress of any exercise. What you do before your workout begins will significantly impact what you can do during your workout. Many athletes prepare for training sessions with dynamic stretching, which differs from traditional static stretching. Dynamic stretching before exercise allows your muscles to loosen up and become more resistant to the impact they are about to undergo in your workout. It also prepares your tendons and joints for vigorous movements that might be part of your workout.

7. Decreases Pain in Your Lower Back

The final reason why stretching is important is that it decreases pain in your lower back. Lower back pain is a common problem that affects up to eighty percent of people at least once in their lifetime. This statistic includes sedentary people as well as highly trained athletes. Taking the time to loosen your muscles, especially in areas that notoriously collect tension, such as the lower back and neck, will make you feel more mobile and improve your overall quality of life. Over time, stretching will ease fatigue, impatience and lack of sleep while improving your energy levels and reducing the need for medications or other costly treatments.

Adding Thai Massage To Your Routine

Fortunately, if time or other constraints prevent you from stretching, you can also book a Thai massage with us. Traditional Thai massage is an alternative that many people have discovered as an effective and comfortable way to get the necessary stretching. Sometimes called lazy person yoga, yoga massage, assisted yoga, total body stretch and other names, this ancient bodywork uses passive-assisted stretching, where practitioners assist recipients in moving into their stretch.

One benefit of Thai massage is that the practitioner can encourage you to reach the extent of your flexibility without exceeding your comfort level. By purposely working slowly, the practitioner can take you deeper into your stretch than you can in a static stretch. The combination of movement stretches and acupressure during your session provides a relaxing yet invigorating session of energy work and tissue rejuvenation. And it augments the benefits of whatever you do to improve your mobility at home, work or in the gym.

How Does Thai Massage Increase Flexibility and Range of Motion?

How does Thai massage improve flexibility? What makes us lose our range of motion? What is the difference between flexibility and mobility?

There are many reasons why stretching is important for quality of life.

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