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Sirius Health offers authentic traditional Lanna Thai massages at affordable prices.

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Our premise offers a relaxing ambience to provide our clients with the best service to relieve them of the stresses in their lives. Our therapists are professionally trained and certified in traditional Thai massage by the Thai Healing Alliance International, and registered with the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada.

We also offer Lanna Thai massage courses that provide accredited certification. Our founder and certified instructor, Grant Martens, has over 800 hours of training in the most prestigious schools of Thailand, such as the International Training Massage School, the Thai Massage School of Thailand, Ong’s Thai Massage School and Suppatra Blind Massage.

Meet Our Team

Grant Martens, Registered Thai Therapist
Grant Martens

Registered Thai Therapist

Florence Scheepers, Thai Massage Practitioner
Florence Scheepers

Certified Thai Practitioner

Elan Ballantyne, Thai Massage Apprentice
Elan Ballantyne

Thai Massage Apprentice


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Thai Healing Alliance International
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Natural Health Practitioners of Canada


Promote health and peace through excellence in education, compassion in action, and honouring the connection to Thailand and the lineage of Thai bodywork.


To develop personnel trained with knowledge and skills in Lanna Thai massage at international standards.
To become a learning organization of Lanna Thai massage for Western Canada.
To bring honour, respect and dignity to Lanna Thai massage traditions.
To build people’s good perception and attitude toward Lanna Thai massage for career development and advancement.
To continually develop quality excellence for the organization.

Code of Ethics

Conduct all business and professional activities within the scope of practice and all applicable legal and regulatory requirements.
Refrain from engaging in any sexual conduct or sexual activities involving their clients in the course of a massage therapy session.
Be truthful in advertising and marketing, refrain from misrepresenting services, charges for services, credentials, training, experience, ability or results.
Refrain from engaging in any activity that violates any other person or organization’s confidentiality commitments or proprietary rights.
Be committed to following the highest level of anti-human trafficking best practices.


Owners of Sirius Health

In 2001, Angela and Grant Martens decided to diversify from their farming operation, and started their first company; El Gaucho Web Site Conceptions in November 2001. The initial focus of the company was developing and hosting websites for small businesses in West Central Saskatchewan.

By June 2013, the focus of El Gaucho had shifted to helping small businesses migrate from desktop applications to cloud based applications. So Angela and Grant officially removed “web site” from their company name and rebranded their company as El Gaucho Conceptions.

In July 2016, Grant had his first Thai massage in Budapest, Hungary. He was almost 50 years old, was dealing with chronic pain in his upper back from sitting at a computer every day, and was having no success with regular RMT treatments. He felt so good after one massage that even after returning home, Grant could not stop thinking about his health. Grant began to research Thai massage, and over the next year, came up with a completely new business plan for a Thai massage clinic.

Starting a new company is a huge investment in time, money and energy. El Gaucho took about four years to get on its feet and start generating decent income. By 2017, Angela and Grant had stable contracts and were generating a good income. So abandoning this completely and jumping into another completely different venture was a huge decision. Angela gave her support for this crazy change in direction and so they began anew.

In December 2017, Grant quit all IT contracts, flew to Thailand for Thai massage training. And in March 2018, El Gaucho Conceptions made the biggest change ever. El Gaucho became Sirius Health. In June 2018, Angela and Grant opened their clinic, and have never looked back. The greatest wealth truly is health.

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