Bring Your Bike To Your Next Thai Massage

Bring Your Bike To Your Next Thai Massage

We now have a custom bike rack for all of our Sirius cycling clientele

Since the first year I launched Sirius Health, I have always intended to get a bike post or bike block so my customers could bike to Sirius Health and lock their bikes securely when they come for a Thai massage. But, as usual, I wanted the bike post to be more than just a concrete block or boring post.

This spring, I stumbled across the website of Greenspoke Bike Parking Solutions, a company in Ontario that specializes in custom bike racks. Not only did they have unique commercial bike racks, but they also did custom bike racks in which I could integrate my Sirius Health logo.

I had hoped my new bike rack would arrive in June or July to take advantage of the summer sun, but it only came at the end of August. But it is now installed and is ready for all my future biking clientele.

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