Can Thai Massage Be Done on A Table?

Thai Table massage is an adaption of Traditional Thai massage techniques for recipients lying on a table.

Thai Table massage is a relatively new phenomenon. Historically, Thai massage practitioners performed Traditional Thai Massage on a floor mat. Thailand had no massage tables until recent decades. But even today, most traditional Thai massage practitioners in Thailand perform the massage on the mat.

Traditional Thai and Table Thai massage both utilize stretching techniques applied slowly in patterns of gentle rocking and rhythmic muscle compressions, joint mobilization, and acupressure points. But unlike Traditional Thai massage, Table Thai massage uses a standard massage table instead of a mat on the floor.

Thai Table massage has become popular because it fits nicely with Western massage modalities. Functionally, a therapist can perform many basic Thai massage techniques on a table, similar to a floor mat. So this massage is ideal for Registered Massage Therapists and Practitioners who already work on the table.

The choice to work on the table or the floor is up to the practitioner. The core traditional Thai massage work, including Jap Sen, Tok Sen and Luk Pra Kob work well on the table. But practitioners lose the efficiency of some Thai massage techniques, especially those that require strength or stability when they move to a table. And some Thai massage techniques are outright dangerous if performed on a table.

We have built our treatment rooms at Sirius Health for performing Thai massage on the floor, and our personnel have the knowledge and skills of traditional Thai massage to maximize the benefits of working from the floor. We offer Table Thai massage courses for RMTs in our school, but all of our professional and standalone Thai massage courses honour the original practice of Thai massage on the floor.

What Is A Table Thai Massage?

What are the advantages and disadvantages? How to choose a massage table for Thai massage? What are the basic stances for Table Thai massage?

Thai Table massage being done in Thailand.
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