Thai Massage Apprentice

Sirius Health is seeking a talented, responsible Thai Massage Apprentice to join our team.


Location: Saskatoon, SK
Working Time: Part Time
Level: Direct Entry

Are you a recent graduate or current student in massage therapy, cosmetology, esthetics, or just looking to build a career in the field of spa and wellness? If so, the Sirius Health Thai Massage apprenticeship program enables Thai massage students to gain practical experience while working toward a license to practice the profession.

Our apprenticeship program is a system of training for a new generation of Thai Massage Practitioners of the profession with on-the-job training to accompany Thai massage studies. Apprentices learn the trade and profession by training while working for Sirius Health in exchange for their continued labour after achieving specialized skills.

We will train the right candidate.

Successful candidates must commit to a month of part-time paid training before being accepted into the Apprenticeship program. They must also be dedicated to Traditional Thai massage, have good interpersonal skills, demonstrate reliability, and have a proven ability to work independently.

We Provide Everything to Be Successful

Clean, professional, peaceful atmosphere
A two-room spa treatment facility
Furnished Thai massage treatment rooms with all equipment and linens
Herbal compresses, balms, oil and other Thai massage supplies
Flexible Schedule

Better Pay

Base Pay + Commission + Bonus + 100% Tips

Detailed remuneration structure will be explained during the interview.

Other benefits

T4, CPP, EI deductions and bi-monthly direct deposit
Vacations and statutory holiday
Sirius Health Massage Membership for one free 120-minute massage per month
20% discount on all Sirius Health Thai massage courses
An easy online scheduling system
All advertising services
Opportunity for growth in an expanding clinic

Job Duties

Provide 60 to 120-minute Thai massages to clients by appointment
Complete Level 1 and 2 training at a THAI approved school within 3 months
Complete 150 hours of hands-on training at a THAI approved school within 1 year
Personalize treatments to meet the individual needs of our clients
Interact appropriately with guests and members in conversation or be present
Maintain up to date SOAP notes and client records
Assist clients with rescheduling or cancelling as requested
Promote a warm, relaxed feeling for clients
Follow established protocol to provide consistent, excellent service
Arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of shift to prepare
Block 60-minute intervals between massage sessions: 15-minutes prior to appointment for clients to arrive, change, wash feet 30-minutes after appointment to sit with client and have tea 15 minutes between appointments to prepare space
Be highly knowledgeable and accurately describe and sell services and products offered at Sirius Health
Maintain cleanliness, organization and restocking of treatment rooms, reception area and other areas in the clinic and school
Perform opening and closing responsibilities noted on massage practitioner/room checklist
Review bookings for the day, checking for booking errors, double bookings, and special requests
Perform any other duties as assigned by the clinic owner

Job Requirements

Physically able to perform 60 to 120-minute Thai massage sessions on the floor
On-time for all scheduled appointments
Excellent customer service skills
Professional appearance and demeanour
Work varied shifts, including weekends and holidays

I would love to hear from you.

Whether you’re curious about our Thai massage treatments or have suggestions on how else we can provide the best massage in Saskatoon, we’re ready to answer all questions.

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