For The Love Of Ginger

homemade ginger water has been a regular item in the Martens fridge since 2013.

In 2013, I acted in 64 performances of The Sound of Music at Persephone Theatre in Saskatoon. During our many breaks in the Green Room, I observed one or two actors regularly making ginger water to ward off colds and keep their bodies healthy. Since then, homemade ginger water has been a regular item in the Martens fridge.

I am now a devout fan of ginger water. I don’t particularly enjoy drinking water, but the added flavour makes me more likely to stay hydrated. You can easily make ginger tea by heating the ginger water and adding a little lemon, lime, or honey. Or better yet, add some brandy, honey and lemon and make the best Hot Toddy you will ever taste!

Commercial ginger tea bags are available at many grocery stores and contain dry ginger, sometimes combined with other ingredients. The bags may be convenient, but you do not get nearly the same shot of ginger as homemade ginger water.

Making ginger root tea with fresh ginger takes a little more preparation but tends to deliver a more intense, lively brew. It’s easy:

  • Cut up a healthy amount of fresh ginger.
  • Cut it into thin, crosswise slices.
  • Put the ginger in a large pot and bring to a rolling boil.
  • Reduce the heat and simmer the water for 15 minutes
  • Let the slices steep for a few hours; the longer, the better.

When I first started making ginger water, I let the ginger steep for a few hours, but now I let the ginger steep for at least twelve hours. This duration makes for a very gingerly batch of water, but anything less won’t do for me.

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