Giving the Gift of Time

The best way to stand out from your competitors is to know what makes you special and tap into that uniqueness.

When designing my business model, I carefully considered how to offer a unique service that would help me stand out from all the other types of massage in Saskatoon.

First and foremost, I wanted to make the health of my clients the primary focus of my business. Sirius Health, more than anything, means that I am serious about health. So, the central tenet of my business model is always to give my clients the total time they booked. So, a 60-minute session means my clients get 60 minutes of Thai massage. A 180-minute session means that they get a full 180 minutes.

To accommodate this, I purposely allocate a full hour between my appointments. I encourage clients to arrive up to ten minutes early so that they have time to change into massage clothing and so that we have time to talk about their intake form or follow-up from a previous session. I do not deduct this time from their overall session.

More important, I block off a full half hour after the treatment. This additional time gives my clients time to change, and then, if they want, we sit down for tea. This time is my gift to the client, allowing them to breathe before returning to the world. But it is also my insurance policy to ensure I can fulfil my obligation to give my clients their full time. So, if my clients are late, I can use some of my tea time for their massage. A client can arrive up to a half hour late and receive their complete treatment.

When clients remember you as someone who offers a unique service, they will return to you because you provide the best solution to their issues. And more importantly, they will happily recommend you to others because they know they are doing their friends and acquaintances a favour.

No matter how busy you are, you must take time to make the other person feel important.

How To Make Your Thai Massage Practice Stand Out

What makes a business unique? How can you differentiate your service from other Thai massage practitioners? What kind of relationship should you have with your competitors?

The best way to compete with others is to know what makes you special.
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