New Very Cool Massage Pants Have Arrived!

I have had to replace my shirts once, but the pants have lasted… until now.

For the past five years, we have had nothing but praise for the massage clothing we provide customers. Our black genie pants, especially, have been a hit, and many customers have often asked if they could take a pair home with them.

I have had to replace my shirts once, but the pants have lasted… until now. Four months ago, I sent an order to my favourite Thai clothing supplier, Thai Craft Warehouse, and last week, I received a box filled with massage pants and more new shirts. Rather than order genie pants, I now have yoga pants, made explicitly without any pockets, with a beautiful dragon logo on one pant leg.

Thai Craft Warehouse is a family business operating out of Phrao, 100 kilometres north of Chiang Mai, the regional capital of Northern Thailand. Thai Craft Warehouse delivers incredible high-quality crafts and clothing at reasonable prices. It is an internet-only business with no storefront or products on display.

The best thing about Thai Craft Warehouse is that it works with various craftspeople, from small family and village-based groups and individuals making unique items to creative fashion workshops in Bangkok and artists in remote hill tribes. Thai Craft Warehouse allows the local artisans, many of whom are mothers or grandmothers, to work close to home in comfortable and natural surroundings and still achieve fair wages. For hill tribe artisans, often marginalized within Thailand, sales of their handiwork open a path to self-sufficiency and keep alive their ethnic traditions.

The only consideration with ordering from Thai Craft Warehouse is that you must be patient. There is no warehouse with ready stock. When you place an order, Thai Craft Warehouse sources that order to the local artisans and production only begins after they agree to the order. If you are a person who demands instant gratification, this service will not be for you as I have always had to wait two or three months for my orders. But if you want good quality products and care about the working conditions of the artisans who make the product and get paid, the wait is worth it.

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