Re-Imagining My Favourite Stock Image

I have used one particular stock images for years, and now I have my own version on my clinic.

As the saying goes, “a picture’s worth a thousand words.” We humans respond more significantly to images than to text or sound, and visual stimulation improves communication, making sending messages to a large public more effective and efficient.

Thai massage is very picturesque. If you search online for Thai massage, you will find all sorts of excellent images, most often with a person receiving some impressive stretch. I do many of these techniques in my sessions, but since I am a clinic and not an advertising firm, I can’t use images of my sessions for online advertising. So, I must arrange sessions with consenting clients (or family or friends) separate from work or use stock images to fill the gaps. The former is better but harder to arrange around busy schedules, so I periodically rely on stock images.

One of the first stock images I purchased when I began advertising for Sirius Health was a picture of a banner that said, “I (Heart) Thai Massage.” I have used this stock image on my website, in brochures and numerous other places. It is my favourite picture and completely expresses my sentiment for Thai massage. But in the back of my mind, I always wanted to do something similar to this banner for my clinic.

This summer, I finally purchased a sign for my clinic and school, so this was the perfect time to follow my dream of using the slogan. Rather than make a banner, I designed three different window decals using the ‘I (Heart) Thai Massage’ slogan and three unique images of Thai massage under the slogan. Thank you to Dave at Signsmith for making these dreams a reality.

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