Say Goodbye to the Pain of Tech neck

Thai massage is a highly effective and natural remedy to alleviate the symptoms of tech neck.

Do you feel sharp, stabbing neck, shoulder, and upper back pains? If you spend your day sitting at a computer, you may have a condition named tech neck. Tech neck results from long periods of strain on the muscles and tissue structures around your neck or cervical spine. 

You can get tech neck by observing poor posture, such as working at a desk with improper ergonomics or hunching over a small screen while holding your shoulder girdle in a less-than-ideal position. Constantly putting extra pressure on your neck for prolonged periods causes strain on your neck muscles. Although the muscles, ligaments, and tendons of your neck can support your head, keeping your head tilted down while using your gadget increases the load on your neck. 

With the increasing adoption of mobile technology, many people have some degree of tech neck these days. While tech neck is not extremely serious, having this condition can affect your quality of life. Generally, the symptoms of tech neck are mild initially, then worsen as the condition progresses.

The most commonly reported symptoms include:

Localized pain or discomfort around the lower neck, shoulders, and upper back
Reduced mobility or stiffness of the muscles
Pain when tilting your head forward and looking down
Tingling pain or numbness in your arms and hands due to spinal nerve irritation or inflammation
Jaw pain caused by the misalignment of your cervical spine

When you book an appointment at Sirius Health for your tech neck, we will spend more time applying Thai massage techniques and stretches to your neck, shoulders, and upper back, which are all connected. This work will ease the pressure on the affected muscle groups and help improve blood circulation. Enhanced fluid circulation in your joints reduces their friction and increases their mobility. 

While we appreciate you visiting us regularly, you must do your part to improve your condition. An essential thing you can do to prevent your tech neck from worsening is to observe proper posture. Ask us about special neck exercises you can perform at home. These neck exercises will only require several minutes each day, and you can even do them while sitting in front of your computer. 

Also, reducing your screen time would help, especially when noticing symptoms of tech neck pain. Always remember prevention is better than treatment. So please don’t wait until your condition gets too severe before you do something about it.

Take the first step in improving your condition– schedule an appointment with us. Your journey to wellness will never end if you don’t take the first step.

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