Tea Time Is More Than A Chance to Chat

Tea time allows clients to process any emotions or memories that Thai massage may have released.

When I first learned Thai massage in Chiang Mai, one of our teachers told us that we could expect clients to exhibit unusual emotions during a Thai massage because Thai massage could release memories from muscles. I was very skeptical then, but after five years, I have had plenty of opportunities to experience this phenomenon.

When a Thai massage relaxes the muscle and surrounding fascia tissue that houses traumatic memories, locked memories resurface, and the body “replays” body movements associated with the memory of the trauma. Occasionally, a client suddenly has a powerful emotion and starts crying or trembling. But more often than not, clients begin talking about some event from their past and then, after a time, wonder out loud why they are talking about that event.

In the West, we separate physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of health, and as Thai massage practitioners, regulating boards tell us to always keep within the scope of their practice.

In Thailand, Thai massage is only one part of a more extensive, holistic medicinal system that includes physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects. So traditional healers in Thailand are well equipped to deal with more than physical healing.

Though I have no intention of counselling clients, I recognize how vital these recurring memories are to my client’s health. And I know from experience that we Westerners are terrible at making time for ourselves. So my tea time is more than just a time for chatting. It is a deliberate and freely given time that I carve out for my clients to at least take a breath before heading out the door and back into their busy lives.

Tea time is a chance to slow down, pull back and appreciate our surroundings.
Letitia Baldrige

Can Thai Massage Release Trapped Emotions?

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