Thai Massage for Athletes

Optimal performance can only come from optimal care, and Thai massage can be the key to success for athletes of all types.

Athletes need to function at their best every single day. When something is off, athletes risk becoming injured, which would make it likely they’ll lose or fail at their event. Athletes can’t afford to take time off for injuries. And recovery is often tricky, exhausting, and sometimes even painful therapy.

Traditional Thai massage therapy helps athletes prevent and recover from injuries. Thai massage helps prevent muscle soreness. And a Thai massage can even prevent injury because it improves flexibility.

But research also shows that Thai massage increases blood flow and muscle temperature and affects neural excitability, hormonal levels, and parasympathetic activity. Thai massage also decreases anxiety and improves relaxation, which athletes need after challenging competitions and workouts.

The question is, when should athletes go for a Thai massage? Should athletes have Thai massages between events or a Thai massage before or after an event? The answer depends upon the situation.

Thai massage between events can reduce anxiety and improve performance. Thai massage can also help athletes become more attentive and have a better mood. These are valuable tools for competition as they make athletes more aware of what is happening around them and allow them to react more quickly.

Pre-Event Thai Massage

A pre-event Thai massage should occur at least four hours before the competition begins. And the Thai massage therapist should only massage the areas of the body that an athlete uses during competition, as the massage serves as an in-lieu warm-up. For example, a baseball player should have his shoulders massaged because this body part is crucial for successful hitting.

When athletes use Thai massage as a form of recovery, they need less time to recover between workouts or competitions. Massage increases blood flow, which helps heal injuries by feeding injured body parts with oxygenated blood. The increased blood flow helps muscles return to a relaxed state quickly. By massaging the muscles after workouts, the effects build up over time, and the chances for injuries drop.

Post-Event Thai Massage

A post-event Thai massage should occur at most four hours after the event or the workout. This time limit helps muscles recover and prevents pain and discomfort after exercising.

One reality that athletes must consider is that Thai massage therapy takes a long time to complete. Athletes usually need at least 60 minutes to 90 minutes of Thai massage therapy to make much of a difference. A busy athlete might think this is too much time to give to a passive treatment. But, the time is worth every second when considering the benefits of massage. Optimal performance can only come from optimal care, and Thai massage can be the key to success for athletes of all types.

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