Thai massage transforms me into a calmer person

Getting a Thai massage isn’t just about relaxing customers; it’s an immersive therapy session that helps bring out a better version of myself.

Many online articles talk about how all forms of massage help reduce stress for the person receiving the massage. But from my experience, the benefit flows two ways. Giving a Thai massage reduces my stress and anxiety and makes me a better person.

Anyone who has spent time with me knows I don’t relax very well. I sometimes describe myself as having ADHD, but regardless of whether that is true or not, the fact is that my mind is always racing. For those from a farming background, the best way I can describe what my head feels like when I am not busy is like a grain auger running empty. When I apply myself to some task, it is like feeding grain into the hopper. The more grain the auger has to move, the quieter it gets.

I have tried meditation and various “healing” activities like float tanks in the past but have found them almost impossible. Without something to occupy at least a little bit of my brain, the inactivity makes my brain run on overtime, and I get no relaxation. Many people have told me that this is something that I can learn, but those people don’t have a brain wired like mine.

I am most calm when I can do a task without focusing extensively on what I am doing. With my body at work but not demanding my attention, I can relax my mind and get into a sense of stillness that belies my body’s movements. I loved spending endless hours on the farm in the tractor or combine. Driving the machinery was enough to keep my mind partly occupied so that my subconscious self could relax. During the long days, if I wasn’t composing songs, writing sermons or solving the world’s problems in my head, I was in blissful calm.

This relaxation happens when I am doing a Thai massage, especially with a client who does not talk during the massage. I have spent thousands of hours doing Thai massage, so my body knows what to do without consciously thinking about what I am doing. So, instead, I concentrate on matching my movements with my breathing and focus my attention on what I am feeling in the client. That basic movement calms my mind, and my stress drifts away over the course of the Thai massage treatment.

How Does Thai Massage Reduce Stress and Anxiety?

Does Thai massage really reduce stress? What are the physical benefits that support mental health? What is the role of mindfulness in Thai massage?

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