The Joy of Giving Free Thai Massages

Thai massage can be done anywhere, which makes it perfect for street massage.

I had another excellent day doing Street Massage this past weekend at the Drive and Shine at The Banks.

If you are in Bangkok on Khao San Road or the Tha Pae Sunday Walking Street in Chiang Mai, you will see Thai massage practitioners offering Thai massage on mats or chairs by the side of the street. Though street massage sounds strange to anyone used to lying naked on a massage table for a Western massage, I don’t have the same restrictions with Thai massage. Recipients remain fully clothed, and we don’t use oils or tables. So, as long as I provide some place for my client to sit or lie down, I can do Thai massage anywhere.

Usually, I spend quite a few days doing Street Massage at the Downtown Farmer’s Market or the Downtown Sidewalk Sale event, but this is the only chance I had to get out this summer. Not only do I enjoy being out in the sunshine, I love the interaction with totally random strangers who often have never heard of Thai massage before. I offer a free fifteen-minute demonstration, so if the bystander is interested, I have them tell me whatever ache or pain bothers them most. Then, I demonstrate what we would do during a Thai massage to alleviate that problem.

My free demonstrations are open to anyone, young and old, rich or poor, so I feel like my day in the sun is giving back to the world.

No one has ever become poor by giving.
Anne Frank
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