The Secret Sauce In My SOAP Notes

Some clients are amazed at my memory, but in actuality, I rely on my SOAP notes to help recall past conversations.

Many clients who return for a Thai massage after many months or even years are often surprised by how I can recall things from our previous conversations. Sadly, this is not evidence of a great memory. If anyone were to tell my family members that I had a good memory, they would probably laugh. 

It’s not that I am forgetful; my mind is always busy thinking about too many things. If my mind is a mind palace, it would be like Hawa Mahal, the Palace of Winds, which is unsurprising as not only is my Thai core constitution wind and fire, but I usually have a wind imbalance.

Knowing my weakness, I use my SOAP notes to offset my memory. The acronym SOAP stands for Subjective, Objective, Assessment and Plan. After every treatment, we use SOAP notes to record things that you tell us, things that we observe during the treatment, our ideas of what we think is going on, and what we plan to do for your next visit.

Typically, the Subjective field is for the information you tell us, including your treatment goals, concerns, feelings, and perceptions of your problems. But I also use this field to jot down information from our conversations.

Traditional Thai Medicine is not just about the body. It is a holistic system that considers a person’s physical, mental and spiritual makeup. I don’t prescribe treatment from what I learn about your life in our conversations. Still, this information helps me understand why your muscles and mobility may seem better or worse than your physical condition suggests.

But equally important, it feels good when someone remembers who you are even after a long time has passed. So using this little trick helps me make my clients feel special. That is a Sirius-ly good way to start any treatment.

What Client Health Records Do I Need for Thai Massage?

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