There is a Bahm In my Medicine Cabinet

Whenever I work too much and develop muscle pain, I don’t hesitate to lather on my favourite balm at night to relieve me as I fall asleep.

When I was a kid, the best part of having a cold was that Mom would rub my neck with Vicks vapour rub and then tie a sock around my neck. So rightly or wrongly, I began associating the smell of menthol with healing and comfort.

When Angela and I started our family, A535 became a staple in our medicine closet, always the most potent possible variation. My daughters and I used and liked a lot of it, but my partner grumbled about the smell.

We tried a bunch of variations over the years, but nothing competed with Extra Strength A535 until we discovered Tiger Balm. Finally, a replacement that worked better than A535, with even a beautiful smell.

Tiger Balm is the best-known herbal balm. It has been a household name in many East and South Eastern Asian countries for years and is slowly gaining popularity worldwide.

While living in Thailand studying Thai massage, I discovered many other excellent balms. They all worked as well or better as Tiger Balm and smelled better. I considered it my duty to “research” a few brands and bring back something for the family. We now have various kinds of herbal balms in our medicine cabinet.

If you are interested in getting a balm for your medicine cabinet, be warned that it is challenging to find the original formula of Tiger Balm. Most of what you see at pharmacies is a different formula than Thailand’s excellent Tiger Balm. So the best place to search for different types of herbal balm is on AliExpress. AliExpress has more suppliers from the East who sell hard-to-find products from Asia than Amazon. It sometimes takes longer for your product to arrive, but it is worth the wait.

What is Herbal Pain Balm?

What is pain balm? How do you apply it? What are the benefits and dangers of using this traditional Thai remedy?

Homemade herbal pain balm
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