What Not to do before a Thai Massage

Here are six things to avoid before you visit Sirius Health for your Thai massage to ensure the best treatment.

We want you to have the best possible experience when you come for a Traditional Thai massage at Sirius Health. Here are six suggestions to avoid before your Thai massage to ensure the best treatment. 

1. Don’t Drink Alcohol or Over Caffeinate.

Alcohol and caffeine both dehydrate our bodies, as does Thai massage. If you are already dehydrated from what you are drinking, pushing and moving fluids out of your soft tissues can aggravate the adverse effects of alcohol or caffeine. So instead, relax and drink plenty of water before you come!

2. Don’t Eat a Large Meal

Eating a regular meal before you come in is perfectly OK, but make sure not to arrive with a full stomach. We often put pressure on your back and, therefore, your belly during a Thai massage, so if you have a large meal sitting there, you may feel like you will burst.

3. Don’t Run a Marathon

Many athletes come in before and after a significant sporting event, but certain sporting events like marathons, triathlons, and extreme sports are challenging for the body. If you participate in these events, wait to book a Thai massage immediately after the event. Instead, take a day or two to let your body rest before you come to have us work on your muscles. Your body will appreciate it.

4. Don’t Take Pain Medication

If you have so much pain that you require medication, we recommend rescheduling your Thai massage. A drug that relaxes muscles, stabilizes moods, or inhibits pain can block your perception of pain, but we need you to feel your body so that you can let us know if our pressure is too much. We do not ascribe to the adage “no pain, no gain.” A Thai massage does not need to hurt to be effective. If fact, quite the opposite. So we need you to tell us if the pressure is getting too much. You should also avoid any drug meant to thin the blood because the Thai massage will cause your blood circulation to increase.

5. Don’t Apply Lotion or Oil

We provide you with massage clothing for your Thai massage, and we prefer it if you don’t get it saturated with oil. Taking a shower just before a massage is courteous and highly favoured. But while applying lotions, oils, or certain topical medications may be part of your daily routine, it’s best not to use any cream or oil on your skin before a Thai massage. 

6. Don’t Have a Half-Empty Bladder!

Nothing is worse than feeling like you need to pee during a massage. Even if you think you can “hold it,” we don’t want you clenching your bladder while we are stretching you or pushing on your back. A Thai massage moves a lot of fluid from your tissues into your bloodstream, liver, and kidneys. If your bladder is already half-full, you will become uncomfortable and probably tense up. So be sure to start the treatment with an empty bladder, and if you suddenly have to go during the treatment, don’t hesitate to ask to use the washroom. You will enjoy the rest of your treatment much more if you are not fighting mother nature.

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