Why Are All the Thai Massages So Long?

Traditional Thai massage is a full-body treatment, and authentic treatments in Thailand can last two hours or more.

Thai massage is a full-body treatment, and you will often find Traditional Thai massage treatments lasting two hours or more in Thailand. In Western clinics, Thai massages are usually 30 to 120 minutes to cater to busy clientele. Sirius Health Thai Massage Clinic offers 30-minute head or foot massages, but our main treatments are from 60 minutes to 180 minutes.

The length of your massage depends on your situation and goals. We recommend at least a 90-minute massage, but longer sessions give us time to concentrate on problem areas. We prefer you schedule a date when you have time to benefit from therapy rather than have you squeeze us in during a busy day. Time-constraint should not factor into your decision.

The 60-minute (1-hour) Thai massage is best for customers with no specific pain or those coming for regular treatments. If you have no particular ailment, a 60-minute session gives us time for essential acupressure and stretching to stimulate your body’s natural healing ability. But we will not have time to address areas where you have specific pain.

Our most common service is a 90-minute (1.5-hour) treatment. This duration allows us to get around the entire body and spend some time in one or two places with more acute pain. In this massage, we offer a more systemic treatment to nudge your body back towards balance and briefly target one or two specific areas of concern.

To experience a proper authentic Thai massage requires a 120-minute treatment (2 hours) or longer. This time frame allows us to give a balanced full-body treatment without rushing and address the one or two areas that need attention with deep acupressure and focused stretching.

Longer Thai massage treatments allow us to target more areas of concern or treat those specific areas with other Thai massage techniques. In addition to traditional Thai massage and stretching techniques, we can incorporate Herbal Compress, Tok Sen, Thai Cupping and Thai Oil massage techniques in the areas that need more therapeutic work. If you have several locations or aches and pains on which you would like us to focus, you will benefit from our 150 or 180-minute treatments.

We want you to have the best massage experience, and you will achieve the best experience if you give yourself plenty of time. Remember, nobody has ever wished their massage was shorter!

How Long Does a Thai Massage Last?

Thai massage treatments can last from 30 to 180 minutes at Sirius Health. How much time you need will depend on whether or not you have any specific pain points.

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