Why I Use Coconut Oil for Massage

The semisolid nature of coconut oil is a bit more tricky to use than other oils, but the practicality of the oil makes it king in my clinic.

Since I began offering Thai Oil massage, I have used coconut oil as my primary lubricant. Unlike most other oils, coconut oil is semi-solid at room temperature. So, rather than use a pump, I have my coconut oil in a small ceramic tub. When I need oil, I scoop some coconut oil on my hands and then rub them together to melt the oil before applying it to the body. For some people, this need to warm the oil is a detriment to the flow of their oil massage, but for me, the many benefits of coconut oil far outweigh the inconvenience of having to warm it before applying it.

There are many health benefits to applying coconut oil to the skin, but for me, the more important considerations are practical. First, I want as little smell as possible from my massage oil. I always have my steamer running with herbal compress balls, so my treatment room smells like plai, turmeric, lemongrass and other traditional Thai herbs. So I don’t want my oil to have a strong scent. Coconut oil has a very mild smell, which complements the existing scents of my herbal compresses.

Second, as a client, I do not like feeling oily after a massage. When I get a massage during the day, I don’t want to feel greasy if I go back to work or do other activities before I have a chance to shower. Fortunately, the skin absorbs coconut oil quite efficiently, so my clients can continue their day without feeling oily or needing to go home to clean up first.

Third, since I am doing my massage on the floor using my nice Thai massage mats, I don’t want any liquid that can spill and soak into my massage mats. Even if my ceramic tub tips over, there is no danger of the coconut oil spilling out. Plus, coconut oil is much easier to wash out of sheets than other oils, so it is simpler to keep my supplies clean.

Coconut Oil And Thai Massage

What is coconut oil made from? What are the health benefits of coconut oil? What are the practical advantages for using coconut oil in your clinic?

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