Why My School Is Essential To My Clinic

Having a school benefits my clinic as teaching helps me develop my skills as a Thai massage practitioner.

When I started Sirius Health Thai Massage School, I did not anticipate how much teaching would help me as a Thai massage practitioner. I am a ferocious learner, and I am not satisfied with the status quo. But as it was not realistic to fly on a plane to Thailand every month for further training, I have scoured the web for online Thai massage courses.

Since I founded Sirius Health Thai Massage Clinic in 2018, I have purchased and completed over twenty online Thai massage courses in addition to my in-person training in Thailand. I would use my family and initial recipients in every case but then slowly add new techniques and transitions to my client sessions.

However, the best way to learn is to explain what you are doing to someone who may be entirely new to your discipline. Being a teacher means that I have to break down every little thing I do to explain it clearly in my workbooks and fully demonstrate that skill to my students. This process of breaking something down gives me an even better understanding of what I am doing, but it also helps me discover areas that I can improve or tweak to make more effective.

So, while I appreciate all the rich material I could study independently, my skills have improved even more these past months by writing and teaching my curriculum. And that means my clients will receive an even better treatment when they come to my clinic.

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